San Antonio Paranormal Investigations is a local non-lucrative organization (based in San Antonio, Texas) devoted to the investigation, study, and documentation of paranormal phenomena - associated to the existence of life after-death, and the continuation of human consciousness (memories, awareness, behavior, etc.) after physical departure. SAPI embraces a scientific perspective of the paranormal, always attempting to locate and identify rational realistic explanations, but to also approach a case with an open mind as to the possibility of dealing with the presence and existence of phenomena strongly related to life after death. SAPI applies a degree of science combining non conventional methods of investigation (Psychic Mediums) with a strong emphasis in Scientific Methodologies, and in accordance to SAPI Rules, Protocols, and in compliance with ethical and professional standards of conduct. San Antonio Paranormal Investigations (SAPI) conducts Monthly Meetings with the objective of educating, presenting and reaching out to the community. Monthly Meetings are opened to the general public and are free of charge.

SAPI offers assistance/second opinion (free of charge) to those experiencing unexplained phenomena related to the presence of unexplained forces. SAPI can help with paranormal events taking place in your home, business, land, etc. This organization serves as a group for people in need, support, and to those searching to educate themselves as to the nature and understanding of abnormal manifestations related to the afterlife and related fields. SAPI is interested in individuals with a keen interest in studying and researching paranormal events, conducted under and in accordance, to SAPI Rules, Protocols, Scientific Methodologies, ethics, and professional standards of conduct.


With more than 16 years of continuous and serious research, SAPI strives for the necessity to investigate the paranormal under controlled conditions with a strong emphasis in documenting physical and environmental conditions in which abnormal phenomena may occur. For SAPI, it is imperative that all experimental data collected from a paranormal investigation is submitted, analyzed, and processed with the intent for a better understanding and for the overall commitment to explain the root-cause of the phenomena. SAPI is interested in locating and identifying key elements that contribute to the presence/existence of life after-death activity and related fields. It is SAPI's commitment to ensure that each case reflects a solid degree of continuity and solid data so that our results/findings are consistent, obtained under scientific/psychic methodologies and in compliance with ethical and professional standards of conduct. As a serious organization and with a firm foundation in science and psychical resources, we acknowledge the importance of establishing a correlation between past events with paranormal occurrences manifesting in present day, and determine whether the phenomena is derived from a psychological ability (RSPK/TK/etc.), a natural source or from an after-life force. SAPI is determined NOT only to proof, beyond reasonable doubt, the existence of afterlife activity, but to also study the state of consciousness of a spiritual being, as well as its behavior. SAPI embraces the ideology that, once a transparent understanding of the phenomena is achieved, a system of direct communication is plausible with spiritual presences.

San Antonio Paranormal Investigations remains as an independent organization with no association/affiliation with other groups, institutes, organizations, societies, etc., in the paranormal field. We operate strictly on the principles of Research, Documentation, Study, Education, the Client's concerns, and under SAPI's Rules and Protocols - these measures guarantee the Client's Right to Privacy and Credible Results.

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A Haunting in South Texas


Members of San Antonio Paranormal Investigations (SAPI) have been invited by KSAT-12 to participate in their Halloween series called, "A Haunting in South Texas." This will be SAPI's 3rd year contributing with KSAT-12 and their crew of producers. We hope to start filming soon with road-trips to various cities around the great state of Texas. Destinations included for this year are Castroville, Hondo, Mineral Wells and San Antonio, Texas. There will be 5 episodes for this year's season.  SAPI will provide more information as it becomes available.

A Haunting in South Texas Website:

This will be part of SAPI's Autumn Season 2017.




Frederick Willian Herschel


Sir Frederick William Herschel (1738-1822) was born in Hanover, Germany and became well known as both a musican and as an astromer. He moved to England in 1757 and, with his sister Caroline, constructed telescopes to survey the night sky. In year 1800, Sir William Herschel made a dramatic discovery. He wanted to know how much heat was passed through the different colored filters he sued to observed sunlight. He noted that filters of diffrerent colors seemed to pass different amounts of heat. Herschel thought that the colors themselves might be of varying temperatures, so he devised a clever experiment to investigate his hypothesis. He directed sunlight through a glass prism to create a specturm, and with sunlight broken into its colors, Herschel proceeded to measure the temperature of each color, thus resulting in different temperature readings from the violet to the red color. Curious to know what was beyond the red color, Herschel moved his blacked bulb termometers beyond the red color and noticed that the temperature was much hotter. This discovery is known as infrared radiation.

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Is it Possible to Measure the Soul or Spirit?

Would you let someone weigh your body before physical departure and after being clinically and medically dead? Well, five people did in the early 1900's. In one very limited 1907 study, researcher Duncan McDougall attempted to measure the soul by weighing five patients, as they died one by one. In two of the patients, there was a sudden weight loss of a half-ounce, followed by another sudden one-ounce weight loss within three minutes of time of death. A third patient's weight fluctuated just after death, first dropping a bit, followed by an abrupt large weight gain, then another loss. There was no discernable change on the other patients. Needless to say, the results were inconclusive.

Tom Ogden.





Carl Gustav Jung (1875 - 1961)

(A Believer in the Paranormal)

Carl Jung was born in Kesswil, Switzerland to Johann Paul Achilles Jung and Emilie Preiswerk on July 26, 1875 (Infoplease, 2005). Carl was named after his paternal grandfather who was a surgeon at Basel. His father, Johann, was a Protestant Clergyman who had difficulties with his spiritual life when Emilie's health declined. Carl and his father rarely saw eye-to-eye on most issues. Emilie suffered from poor health in her later years and was described by Carl as distant emotionally (Frostburg).

As a young child Carl, too, suffered from fragile health. He spent much time studying at home under watchful care. In grade school, he found practically no friends and was relatively disliked (Jung, 2005). Despite this, however, it was recognized that he had a vivid imagination. (Jung, 2005, p. 1) Later in grade school, Carl began to suffer from fainting spells from reading (Biography, 2005). He continued to read despite this handicap and eventually grew out of it. After high school, Carl went on to become a medical student at Basel, which his family ties probably dictated. One year into college, his father died and Carl was left to explore other fields of interest. He became interested in parapsychology and wrote his first publication on occult phenomena. Carl graduated from Basel in 1900.

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Carl Jung (1875 - 1961)