Some flooring components used solely on concrete slabs consist of a dimpled rubberized or plastic layer much like bubble wrap that provide little tiny pillars for the one half inch ( mm) sheet material above These are manufactured in ft × ft ( cm × cm) squares and the

The floor whose topping is of brick These are easy to construct and repair but the surface resulting from these is not smooth and is rough, hence, easily absorbs and retains moisture which may cause dampness in the building For constructing a brick floor, the top surface of earth or murram filling is properly consolidated.

Flooring materials are an integral part of your interior design, and your choice of material also determines the difficulty of installation, how you can use your floor, and Glass flooring types of the floor are not very common, but can be used in aristocratic buildings both residential and public particularly to have smooth and

Apr , There are various types of flooring materials used in building construction and their selection depends on applications, aesthetics and choice of user.

As in almost every part of the house, there are a variety of options in exactly how the floor is to be constructed Factors affecting these choices may include type of foundation system, anticipated floor loads, availability of materials, common framing practices in your neck of the woods, preferences of your framer.

Apr , Very broadly, floor construction tend to be solid floors, built up from the ground, or suspended floors, supported by wall structures There are a very wide range of variations around these basic types The intended use of the floor, its location, the structure of the rest of the building, and the required floor finish

Dec , Flooring Flooring protects the slabs on the different floors in building and provides suitable finish of floor surfaces Flooring materials are also an integral part Concrete is the most widely employed flooring material as it is suitable for any type of construction and is cheaper as well as durable than others.

FLOORING INTRODUCTION Flooring is done to provide a leveled surface capable of supporting applied live load like humans and furniture and all quasi permanent loads including partitions In addition to these it also should possess adequate fire resistance, sound insulation, damp resistance and thermal

Floor Floor, rigid building assembly that divides space horizontally into stories It forms the bottom of a room It may consist of joist supported wood planks or panels, decking or panels supported by wood or steel beams, a slab of stone or concrete on the ground, or a reinforced concrete slab carried.

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