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If you are able to read a book of rafter tables , d a right triangle, use a framing square or speed square, and use a circular saw then you can frame a gable roof After you Before gable roof framing begins the walls should be plumbed, lined, braced, sheathed, and the ceiling joists nailed in their proper locations After all

You can temporarily attach a straight timber piece at the ends of two adjacent primary rafters Place the angular end of the middle rafter to the block then mark its length at the place where it joins the temporary timber bracing and cut the angle square Attach it by nailing to the blocking and oblique nailing to the perimeter

Jan , You can sketch it out on graph paper or your computer to get a sense of what it will look like The pergola in this article is typical of what I build, though its dimensions were dictated more by what would fit best in a small, urban backyard than by any respect for classical proportions It s feet long by feet

Feb , WOOD GAZEBOS WOOD GAZEBOS The perfect shape for dining and larger gatherings, our wood oval gazebos provide shelter from the sun while bringing family and friends together in style With a choice of sizes, as well as rails, screens and other details, your oval gazebo will be handcrafted

Nov , Soffits are the Rodney Dangerfield of home constructionthey re mostly unseen and often the last detail to get attention They re just Once nailed in place the soffit can only expand toward the receiving channel, so make sure you leave enough space for expansion in the receiving channel Continue the

The ding shows standard details for an octagon wooden gazebo There are many differences between the gazebo shown and others many features will change between Oval, Octagon, Rectangular and square gazebos number of pieces, and framing of floors and roofs Larger and smaller gazebos i.e roof

Nov , I like to build the entire turret on the deck near where it will be located, but away from the edge so that my crew can frame, sheathe, and roof the entire Ridge detail Three pieces of x stock cut a couple of inches longer than the hip plumb cut are ripped and beveled to form the octagonal ridge block that

Measure and trim a single x redwood joist to span the width of the gazebo between opposite posts Use a string level to guide you in attaching the metal joist hangers to the posts with d nails Then, trim the center nailing block to height so that the spanning joist will sit on it Secure the spanning joist to the post and

Hand saw Hoe and hose (to mix concrete) Ladder Line Mallet Nail set Pencils Pick Plumb bob Post hole digger Rafter square Ruler Safety glasses Octagonal Gazebo For purposes of illustration, we will demonstrate the layout and construction of a diameter gazebo Specific layout and

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