Protect All flooring and Protect All Rapid Weld offer a solution for commercial kitchen floors in the fast paced restaurant industry loads Is manufactured from over remnant industrial vinyl Resists bacteria growth Is high traction certified by the National Floor Safety Institute Exceeds ADA and OSHA recommendations.

day ago The hottest new thing on the flooring market is waterproof flooring, and we re here to show you the best waterproof flooring options on the market the maintenance It is also one of the most popular flooring options for commercial spaces and businesses Waterproof laminate kitchen flooring For an

Commercial kitchen flooring must be durable, safe and resistant to water and heat Ceramic, vinyl, stone and brick are the best options we compare all .

Restaurant kitchens need flooring with the utmost sanitation and safety for customers and employees Easily withstands industrial strength degreasers and sanitizers Option to be washed with a high pressure hose and even via steam cleaning Option to create a proper slope to drain, as well as an integral cove base

Everlast Epoxy Floors for Foodservice Restaurant Kitchens Kitchens are hard hitting environments and our commercial kitchen floors can be quickly and easily installed while, at the same time, always adhering to high standards, Everlast Epoxy Flooring is a waterproof, non porous surface and simple to clean.

Oct , There are four commercial floor types currently being used by busy restaurant kitchens, and choosing the right one for your own business requires a little knowledge of what each one can deliver, as well as expert advice from a flooring specialist Vinyl commercial flooring One of the most common types of

Feb , Commercial kitchen flooring has to deal with all of the normal dangers of a culinary environment, multiplied by numerous chefs and dripping dishes Vinyl is a resilient material, which means that it is thin and will take on the physical properties of the subfloor it is laid on Durable Kitchen Floor Options

Commercial kitchen flooring counts on waterproof slip resistant systems Our kitchen commercial system is a poured acrylic resin for hard surface strength.

Attractive, durable and sanitary floorsthe perfect recipe for today s food service environments We understand that keeping your kitchen running efficiently while complying with safety standards is paramount to your reputation With Dur A Flex seamless floors, say goodbye to hard to clean grout lines and crevices that

Dec , Additionally, a few options may be more durable or easier to clean than others are, and you may find one option will fit your needs better than the others Some of the most common restaurant kitchen flooring choices include ceramic tile, concrete, laminate and rubber flooring From this point, we will break

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