Feb , (Indeed, the effective ban was in fact a drastic tightening of impurity standards for recyclables imports, one that US facilities cannot meet China has also announced that it plans to completely ban plastic waste imports in ) In some importing countries, collection and processing of low grade plastics for

Dec , Tom Baxter and Liu Hua say China s refusal to remain the dumping ground for foreign garbage highlights the need for countries to start facing up to their plastics addiction, and for makers of plastics and disposable goods to take responsibility for the environmental damage inflicted.

Apr , China plans to prohibit imports of post industrial scrap plastic by the end of the year, according to documents published by the country s environmental department The Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment announced that it is set to recategorize post industrial PE, PET, PS, PVC and other scrap

Dec , In , China imported m tonnes of waste plastics from developed countries including the UK, US and Japan But there was no robust plan in place to cope with the impact of the closure of the biggest market for waste in the world and the restrictions would lead to stockpiling of plastic waste, more

Feb , The government has also announced a plan to completely ban plastic waste imports in China became the world s main solid waste importer in the s, when it needed cheap materials to feed its growing economy But in recent years, the government has pointed to environmental damage

Jan , The EU is waging war against plastic waste as part of an urgent plan to clean up Europe s act and ensure that every piece of packaging on the continent is reusable or recyclable by Following China s decision to ban imports of foreign recyclable material, Brussels on Tuesday launched a plastics

Sep , China s already soaring plastic demand may rise even further as the government plans to ban waste plastic imports by the end of this year, which will curb domestic plastic recycling.

Dec , The Chinese government s plans to ban waste imports, including plastics and RPET waste products by the end of could have significant repercussions not only for the Chinese fibre industry but also for the global recycling chain We wrote previously that it is no surprise that China has introduced the

Sep , Beijing plans to stop importing garbage by the end of the year in effort to tackle pollution problems, modernise industry.

Jan , , China has banned imports of kinds of waste, including materials used in plastic bottles, in a campaign against foreign garbage. The European Union, for its part, plans to propose a tax on plastic bags and packaging, citing the China ban and the health of the oceans among other reasons.

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