does not recommend LP SmartSide for use in these non tradi tional assemblies edged panel siding If square edged panel siding is installed with battens over verti cal seams, caulking is NOT required at vertical seams If square edged panel use in diameter hot dipped galvanized nails with a minimum

Paint all edges of panels with primer, even if the panels are already finished Set a first panel on a ledger at a back corner of the house, about inch from the wall end Use a level to get the inside edge plumb adjust the gap slightly as needed to make the panel plumb Nail the panel to the wall studs and top and bottom

Jun , Contractors, watch this video to learn which types of nails and wood screws can be used when installing LP SmartSide lap siding and how your choice of fastener affects spacing requirements Also refer to the detailed product application instructions at

, nails per , Sq Feet x Panel Siding ½ , nails per , Sq Feet Nails for Cedar Redwood Wood Siding ½ X Siding ½ , nails per , Sq Feet Shakes and shingles also come in a variety of widths that may also affect the number of nails used per Square Asphalt Fiberglass

IMPORTANT Much of the strength and stability of the shed comes through the LP Smart Side Panels However they are OSB and only thick so it is important to use a good glue like PL Premium as noted in the videos (LP Smart Side Panels are also available in via special order) In addition, if you plan to use the

Oct , Today, I rarely see James Hardie siding used on new homes any more builders are using LP SmartSide instead Overdriven Nails This is another common defect Here s a small collage of overdriven nails Overdriven Nails The diagram below shows the appropriate repair methods for overdriven nails.

APA PRP Performance Standards and Qualification Policy for Structural Use Panels For Performance Category panels nailed at shiplap edges, use Framing at panel edges must be inches nominal or wider and nails must be staggered where nails are spaced inches o.c and where d nails having

Dec , When installed over on center framing, you must use Precision Series panel siding Using a nail gun makes quick work of installing LP SmartSide products You want to use a minimum of inch shank diameter, hot dipped, galvanized box style nail with a minimum of inch head diameter.

Nails should be driven into studs Commonly nails are placed inches apart along the perimeter and inches apart in the middle Trim overlaps the siding Use Z flashing at any horizontal joints Keep the panels inches above grade and at least inches away from concrete or asphalt stairs or walkways Gaps may be

For and Series panels, single nailing meets wall bracing requirements To meet the equivalent inch shear wall design values, double nailing procedures must be used It may be nec essary to angle drive the second nail in order to penetrate the framing Seal nails driven below the surface DO Prime and paint

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