investigated the effects of partial replacement of Portland cement by wood fiber waste for producing lightweight concrete The waste is produced typically by two forms powder and chips obtained from sawmill The cement paste was mixed with added sand in a mechanical mixer at rpm for min with of the total.

waste materials (wooden powder) as fine aggregates which is mixed (addition partial replacement) with OPC to investigate the affect of these waste materials on various parameters of concrete grade i.e M To evaluate and compare the results of density, workability, compressive strength of M grade of concrete by

and the benefits in the actual production of concrete Key words Wooden Powder, Fine aggregates, compressive strength, saw dust I INTRODUCTION Generally concrete is a composite mixture of binding material, filler material (coarse fine aggregate) water which combines the whole mass The aim of concrete mix

Sand as a primary fine aggregate possesses superior adhesion of components in concrete It provides strength by serving as small fillers in a mixture Cement binds sand particles together forming one solid sand mix This study will also explore the possibility of creating wood fiber adhesion which can mimic that of the trees

Wood ash is the residue produced from the incineration of wood and its products (chips, saw dust, bark) for power generation or other uses Cement is an energy extensive Naik et al studied the compressive strength of concrete mix containing wood ash up to the age of days [] The replacement percentage was

aggregate and fine aggregate percentages were changed from to to arrive at an optimum mix having maximum compressive strength The strength performance of these concrete with conventional concrete is to be investigated so as to report the findings Key Words Glass Powder, Recycling, Rubber Tyre Pieces,.

Results of compressive strength, split tensile strength and flexural strength showed that the strength properties of concrete mixture decreased marginally with increase in wood ash Saw dust from the Wood polishing unit in the state of Tamilnadu, India was selected to evaluate its suitability as ash for OPC replacement.

Specific gravity test on Wood powder, Fine aggregate and Coarse aggregate Crushing strength test and Water absorption test on Coarse aggregate Mix Design for M grade concrete is prepared and workability test was carried out Test for harden concrete is carried out by Compressive strength, Split tensile strength and

Jul , Wood cement materials are widely produced and applied in many developed countries In this case special prepared wood aggregates are employed Wood sawdust practically is not employed Extracts, present in wood, slow down the cement hydration The influence of mineral additives on this process

May , MATERIALS Cement Course Aggregate Sand(Aggregate) Wooden Dust (as replacement of sand by different proportions) Water METHODOLOGY Collection properties of material Preliminary test on material Study of physical properties of materials, mix design Casting and Curing of

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