Compared to darker colored brick and tile pool decks, which can become extremely hot to the touch after baking in the sun, concrete reflects solar radiation and is more comfortable on bare feet There are also decorative toppings for concrete that can be used to significantly lower surface temperatures (see What Type of

Modern pool design has become somewhat of an artform There was a time when all backyard pools and pool decks looked basically the same, but that time is gone Today s pool decks incorporate a variety of materials and design techniques to make each creation as unique as each homeowner Jump right in and discover

Jun , Pool decks and paved surfaces in the yard such as paths, patios, or steps are functional landscaping elements, adding usable space, creating a MORE smooth Pavers are a popular type of hardscape for paths and patios and come in many different materials, sizes, shapes and colors Paver materials for

Whether your pool is above or below the ground, the deck material you choose is an important consideration Decks should be attractive, cool to the touch and comfortable to walk on A deck must also have a non slip surface The type of material you should choose depends on various aspects such as cost, maintenance

Compare popular paving options for your pool deck Get help determining what type of pool deck surface is right for you.

Jul , Rich in earth toned colors and textures, this type of stone is ideal for around a pool because it has a non slip surface, resists moisture and heat, and can withstand constant use Quarried all over the world, flagstone is low maintenance because of its highly dense makeup and will usually hold up for years.

Jun , The first thing to consider when picking a pool deck material A hot pool deck, plus bare feet, equals major regret It s important to look for a material that won t get too hot, or to put a material that will get hot in a shaded area, says Lucas Congdon, host of Insane Pools and owner of Lucas Lagoons.

The stone finish pool deck resurfacing is done by embedding large stones, finely cut into a layer of concrete This type of pool deck resurfacing is probably the best type of finish, as it not only looks good but has many advantages over the other methods of pool deck resurfacing Another great advantage of this surface is that

The type of material you choose for a pool deck depends on a multitude of factors Things to consider include complementing your surrounding landscape, space availability, people traffic, budget, and care and upkeep Concrete is the one unique material that is most flexible to meet your demands More than any other

Photos of pool deck surfaces including stamped concrete, stone coping, exposed aggregate, flagstone decks, brick bands, colored concrete, tiled pavers, and stenciled pool decks All these criteria can be met with a concrete pool deck To compare the various pool deck options, see Pool Deck Throwdown Concrete Pool

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