Feb , Things like the flow of water, sewer line, planning your driveway access and design of your custom home All of this and more we garage on the main floor Often, the design for a downward sloping lot is best with main living and garage on the street level and a flex room and extra bedrooms downstairs.

Aug , So I want to make the floor flat I figure I can build a level platform that starts at the highest dimension and slopes down to zero, OR Pour cement thin set on the garage floor, level it inside a wooden frame, and then put stall mats on top for protection OR Have any of you needed to do this What did you

Building a Home on a Sloped Surface Tips for Building Log Homes on a Slope Building on a sloped lot is fairly Bringing a slope up to level for a slab usually requires building a stem wall or retaining wall on the lower edge of the foundation and adding fill dirt to provide a level base But be careful Placing a slab on fill

Sep , https https http I often get calls from homeowners requesting we

Oct , Many of us set up our workshops in garages or driveways, which are built at an angle to allow water runoff That poses a problem for our tools, which need flat, level surfaces to operate Here s how to level your tools when the floor is uneven.

May , If you are trying to put down a floating floor but are have issue where the subfloor is not even then self leveling concrete can be a life saver! This will make your floor nice and even with very little work! Category Entertainment License Standard YouTube License Show more Show less Comments .

Sep , A simple and quick way to build a level weightlifting platform on a sloped surface.

For example, Height Offset From Level specifies the distance between the level and the bottom face of a roof For building pads, floors, and structural floors, slope related properties are measured from the top face For example, Height Offset From Level specifies the distance between the level and the top face of a floor.

The key to minimising construction costs on a sloping site is to reduce the amount of earthworks required to level the site through cut Surface water can usually be diverted away from the building by a combination of grading, swales (shallow ditches), detention tanks and stormwater pits which are directed to a legal point.

Sep , This describes the process of carving out a level plinth on a sloping site, in order to build a home that is essentially designed for use on a level site Any spoil that Sloping down from the road means that surface water can collect around the base of the lower floor, or worse still, find its way into the garage.

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