Plywood is the most common type of subfloor material used in homes around the world, along with particleboard While exterior grade plywood is treated with special preservatives and glue to help weather against the elements, most indoor types of plywood are not If you want to ensure your floors do not rot out over

OSB vs Plywood The international Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) is a non profit organization of the nation s best real estate inspection professionals NACHI.ORG helps a home inspector become certified.

Depends where you live Here in Vancouver BC (Canada), we never recommend plywood to be used outdoors The glues in plywood will breakdown and de laminate when exposed to moisture Regardless, if plywood must be used in an exterior application, it should be pressure treated (although I would recommend using

I have been doing loads of research on passive breathable homes and want to make sure we do our building envelope correctly! I am extremely allergic to mold, Or would I want to use a visqueen vapor barrier above the metal joists (below the plywood subfloor) as well From my understanding, two

DriCore is a subflooring that is specifically designed for light or occasional moisture The portion of the product that touches the floor is all plastic and it lifts the upper portion more than inch away from the concrete floor The joints are fairly tight (although not actually sealed) It is intended to allow water to

Aug , Since the s, most of the builders used the osb as an all around material, roofs, floors, joist or external and internal sheathing, why Because it was cheaper than plywood In most of application, OSB was a pretty good choice but , here in Quebec, it was a questionable choice A lot of buildings built with

But OSB also takes a longer time to dry out, giving the trapped moisture more time to degrade the material than a quick drying plywood subfloor an enhanced OSB material, AdvanTech uses a resin integrated with the wood to resist water absorption and reduce the swelling that plagued the original OSB subflooring.

This requires natural building materials, which are preferable for many reasons in green construction, such as wood, cellulose insulation, st bale, cob, earthen plasters and natural paints Such materials are not only highly moisture tolerant (breathable) but offer additional indoor air quality improvements

Jul , Here s an article using plywood and shingles to level a subfloor that may be of interest Roofing For roofs, plywood is preferable and required by code in many states Since roofing wood will be exposure to moisture, OSB will have a tendency to expand and warp which will both weaken the roof and may pry

Exterior plywood is not restricted to outdoor use It s almost always used as a subfloor in most homes so that its waterproof qualities will resist moisture from below or water that may be spilled from above Exterior plywood can also be used on countertops around sinks or even inside cabinets Exterior plywood works fine for

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