Mar , Most homes in the South are built on a concrete slab as basements are not an option in high water table areas Several materials are available when choosing flooring that can be applied directly over the concrete In the northern states, where concrete is used for flooring in the basement areas,

Jun , The new floor will be laid on the concrete slab We are not sure if there if there are any What kind of barrier or underlayment would be necessary I don t want mold I have read that with a It requires no underlayment, is easy to clean and best of all it s waterproof It comes in many different finishes

) Any other type of flooring laminate, vinyl, hardwood, etc will act to xxxx vapor evaporation, so risk mildew mold under them You can put down a sealer on the concrete and a vapor barrier and frequently get satisfactory service in a low moisture slab generally only ones that are at or above surrounding

Different products are appropriate for different flooring materials, so the best vapor barrier for your basement will largely be determined by the type of flooring you are planning to install Topped by decorative vinyl squares or carpeting, these tiles feature molded plastic bases that enable the concrete slab to breathe Plus

Jul , Of all the basement flooring ideas, tile represents the best of all worlds It qualifies as a finished surface (meaning that it is not a surface, like concrete), yet this is a finished surface which stands up to water Tile can be installed directly on your concrete slab Worried about cold basement floors Then it s

Jan , Want to install basement flooring over a concrete surface Check out these best basement flooring options.

Authentic hardwood is different than laminate Typically, to apply that to a slab, you would first install a waterproof membrane or coating to the concrete and then strips of x pressure treated material (furring strips) Then the oak flooring, generally three quarters of an inch thick, is applied to that The surface is sanded and

I have a hopper gun and a compressor, so I sprayed orange peel on the walls to make them look good after all the wallpaper scraping Today we painted, and pulled up the worn, stained, and otherwise nasty year old carpet The house is on a slab, so the floor is concrete and is in perfect shape I have to

Mar , They have molded plastic bases that raise the tiles slightly off of the concrete slab This allows the concrete floor beneath them to breathe By using this type of flooring, you can help prevent the growth of harmful mold and bacteria in your basement Floor tiles with built in vapor barriers are also very easy to

Both types of flooring absorb moisture and will warp and buckle That leaves you a lot of basement flooring options, such as ceramic tile, engineered wood, rubber and laminate flooring made with a moisture resistant plywood core But that doesn t mean basements are trouble free A concrete basement slab is porous and

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