Mar , I want to see people in markets. Other lawmakers have pressed for more specific metrics to gauge whether or not the surge is working The key question is What have we won asks Exum Have we set the Iraqi government on a path toward stabilization or reconciliation Or have we just won the right to

Mar , There are the Iraqi Shi ite militia who have sworn allegiance to Iran and the politicians beholden to Tehran There are the Iranian companies that make everything from Baghdad s yellow taxis to the refrigerators and air conditioners that flood street markets And then there are the dates Iraq was once the

Oct , Market in Erbil, Iraq In September , as cash was becoming an increasingly important and common mean for aid delivery, REACH and the Iraq Cash Working Group (CWG) began developing the Joint Price Monitoring Initiative (JPMI), with the aim to harmonise price data collection in Iraq and enhance

Jan , There is no doubt about American intentions for the Iraqi economy As Defense Secretary Donald H Rumsfeld has said, Market systems will be favored, not Stalinist command systems And so the American led coalition has fired off a series of new laws meant to transform the economy Tariffs were

Aug , Iraq started marketing a billion bond on Wednesday, its first international debt issuance as a standalone credit since and an attempt to put decades of turmoil behind it.

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