Jan , th installment on how to install Tufdek waterproof vinyl decking installing flashing Before installing Tuf Clad flashing it is recommended to plane or sand the deck edge, which allows the deck flashing to be level or lower than the deck surface This helps to prevent water from damming against the flashing

Fast Setting Concrete Mix A preblended fast setting mixture of special cementitious materials, sand and coarse aggregate Used for projects where a Light Weight Fence Post Mix A lightweight concrete mix specially formulated for setting fence posts Walkways, driveways, slabs or patios, Metal, wood and vinyl posts

Fence posts are used for a variety of purposes in addition to supporting fence materials such as wood, vinyl or metal Wood, vinyl and metal fence posts are also used to support mail boxes, for sign support and hanging various items Regardless of the intended use, the fence post should be securely anchored in the

Post Master Many of the pergolas, garden gates, decks, arbors, and other outdoor structures featured in WOOD magazine call for posts set in straight lines and with square corners A few xs, a length of mason s string, and simple arithmetic will get you to that goal.

Installing vinyl deck railing on the porch or balcony of your house can actually transform it into a stunning one Through this Vinyl decking Contact cement Cement flooring leveler Tape measure Hacksaw or miter saw Utility knife Sandpaper Spatula Hammer Mounting brackets Heat gun Bucket Roller Installing

Place the posts in the holes and lay out lb bag of premixed quikcrete at each hole (if your soil is extremely sandy like beach sand you should probably use lb bags per hole.) I know some people might want to save the cost of the concrete by using dirt but why install a lifetime fence in a temporary footing .

Feb , How to Set Posts in Concrete (without mixing) This video shows you step by step instructions for how to set a fence post in concrete, without mixing The pr

Vinyl post sleeve X,x,X,x white or almond vinyl Post sleeves cut to your specifications Trim, post caps to match Order online or call .

Sep , Using premixed concrete is the most secure method for setting fence posts Concrete is the most secure material for setting fence posts, especially if you have sandy soil Gravel may be okay with dense, clay heavy soil, but in looser soil, concrete is the only thing that will truly keep your fence posts stuck in

Decks provide an outdoor area to entertain, relax and enjoy the seasons They provide an entry point to swimming pools and outdoor spas, a space to cook on your grill and an area to dine al fresco If you live in a coastal community where your the ground is mostly sand, building a deck presents a challenge Notice how

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