Dec , There are very few decks made completely from vinyl Vinyl is not typically strong enough to support the weight of chairs, tables, grills and people However, many decks do use waterproof vinyl covers to protect the wood under the cover from water damage These decking covers can become scuffed or

This is a very old beat up wood deck in dire need of repair Trust The Professionals To install vinyl decking properly so you can go from an old beat up deck to this smooth perfectly watertight surface is harder than it looks Trust me on this! Here is the same deck, rebuilt, resurfaced and covered in durable waterproof pvc

Jul , Watch and listen to Shell talk about how to repair and refurbish a vinyl deck For home improvement information or to submit a question for Shell visit

For budget conscious homeowners and property managers who wish to have their decks repaired, ACES VINYL DECKING inc offers a variety of service options which other companies do not We can usually complete a semi permanent membrane repair quickly and cost effectively In most cases from between ,

Jun , Condo owners can extend the life of decks and protect against hefty vinyl decking repair bills by understanding how repairs now can save thousands later.

Patching old vinyl with a new piece of vinyl and or welding new vinyl to old is possible but tricky The welding process sees the virtual melting of one piece of vinyl to the other and in some cases, due to the age and lack of elasticity in old vinyl the weld will not take.

In this short video, Grant Barlow explains how to repair or patch vinyl decking Leak repair on rooftop deck with waterproof deck membrane.

You usually don t have to replace an entire board in deck repair work Just make sure to cut out a piece that spans at least three joists The remainder should be at least that long And don t hesitate to cut out a little extra to keep adjacent decking joints staggered for better appearance The most difficult part of this deck repair

Frequently asked questions about Dek Master, waterproof vinyl decking from Ducan Our vinyl deck covering is easy to apply, low maintenance, and long lasting.

Nov , http Grant Barlow, deck waterproofing authority, discusses your options when repairing a vinyl waterproof deck covering His Y

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