Nov , I ll store it under a roof if I can otherwise, I ll cover it with a tarp whenever wet weather is expected Prior to installation, I always check the moisture content of the lumber to determine how far to gap the decking generally I ve found that whether I install wet wood immediately or after a couple of weeks of

Though mankind has been erecting wooden buildings for millennia, we seem to learn mainly through hard experience and open to the weather, natural finished wood decks are a comparatively new idea They didn t begin to replace traditional roofed entry stoops and porches till the concept of an outdoor room became

Another aspect of wet weather and wood decking is choosing the proper deck stain, with regular applications later in the year for deck restore projects when the rain isn t quite so persistent A big part of your choice in deck stain is going to be which species of wood you ve actually got Talk to your local deck stain retailer

Apr , In order to comply with the NEC for use in wet locations, interlocked Type MC Cable must have a corrosion resistant jacket and wet location rated conductors A common style cable that is rated for wet locations is a standard MC Cable with a PVC jacket AFC Cable Systems offers Parking Deck Lot Cable

May , If you live a wet or humid climate, you don t have to worry about moisture affecting your composite deck, as long as you re using fully capped The cooler underside of a deck creates the ideal conditions for the accumulation of water condensation, and the more moisture there is in the airI m looking at

Inspect for Damage Now that everything is off the deck, take a look at decking, railings and supports Make any necessary repairs before cold and wet conditions exacerbate problems.

May , In addition to the obvious joist, beam, and footing sizing, we need to make sure our decks are fastened and flashed to the house to withstand the extra demands of a northern coastal climate, and we need to use fasteners that will hold up not only to wet conditions but to salt water, even though that

Once the footing is poured you may want to back fill some gravel around the footing to promote drainage Concrete poured in wet conditions will actually have more strength The slower that the concrete cures, the stronger it will set Previous Article How many footings do I need for a deck Next Article Deck Footing Size

Concrete does just fine in wet conditions, It is not the presence of water or not but if that water contributes to a weakening of the soil containing it that is important This I certainly cannot answer from here Given that a deck load is not very high, directed straight down and that clay us usually very dense and

Mar , Successfully stain your exterior wood surface in damp conditions, on hot or cold days, and in less time Now you can stain your deck when you want, not when the weather allows it Let s look at reasons staining your deck with Weather Ready Application makes sense for your next staining project.

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