Deck strength including gauge, density, and thickness Deflection controls Deck slope for positive drainage Installation of expansion joints and area dividers Curb and penetration details Attachment of the deck to the building s framing system.

What is a podium deck roof Podium decks allow for the installation of concrete and natural stone pavements on roofs and balconies In order to prevent damage to the landscaping, it is important to install the landscaping on a drainage system with a high compressive strength Poor drainage of rain water can result in scale

Mar , Similarly, the overwhelming majority of waterproofing membrane manufacturers require or recommend positive drainage at the membrane level Some defenders of flat decks have maintained that certain manufacturers recommend, authorize, or even guarantee their products for use on flat substrates.

Feb , The risk of hot liquids falling through the balcony deck onto residents below can be reduced by a drip tray or RWP Last, but not least, there is the issue of façade staining The use of positive drainage is likely to reduce the risk of water running down the façade and causing staining Decking options Another

May , Isolation drainage layers were provided historically beneath plaza decks where plantings were common surface features Drainage layer components used in using a flat structural slab A durable design will include positive drainage of structural elements to drain any water that penetrates to this point.

Mar , Walls, deck, and supporting columns should provide positive slope for drainage Water in contact with the membrane creates hydrostatic pressure and, in most climates, freeze thaw cycling A minimum two percent ( in per ft) of slope to drain is recommended (A steeper slope may be required by code

Only PVC coated drains or drains with a positive clamping system are suitable to allow water to drain into the building s storm water system With PVC coated overflow devices, the PVC decking membrane can be welded directly to the PVC coated surface, with no caulking required Drains and scuppers should be sloped

To prevent ponding water, positive drainage must be included in design and installation The following components make for successful balconies, courtyards, patios, plaza decks, and roofs, walking surfaces including swimming pool surrounds Surfaces and membranes are sloped minimum ¼ inch per foot to drain, to.

with a positive non puncturing bond to mating flange of body The gravel stop prevents roof surface aggregates from being washed into the drain while permitting total drainage through V notch weirs DECK CLAMP Heavy duty deck clamp secures drain body to roof deck with the compression clamp principle forming a

NRCA guidelines In The NRCA Roofing and Water proofing Manual, Fifth Edition, NRCA recommends all roofs be designed and built to have positive drainage. NRCA defines positive drainage as the drainage condition in which considera tion has been made during design for all loading deflections of a deck and.

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