EconCore combines a high performance, but lightweight PP honeycomb core with wood layers Using the patented ThermHex production process EconCore is able to produce these sandwich panels in a very economical way, which opens up the possibility to use these panels in a wide range of cost sensistive markets.

RhinoKore Composite Solutions is a manufacturer of engineered structural honeycomb core Our honeycomb core is lightweight and easily stacked for shipping Our composite honeycomb core can be bonded to a wide variety of substrate materials.

is a sandwich panel with an aluminium honeycomb core and skins in plywood All our products are produced according to the needs of our customers, so it s the client who choose the mechanical properties More information ship partition wall sandwich panel for ship fittings decorative honeycomb COMPOCEL WP

ONE PRODUCT INFINITE SOLUTIONS Each element of our aluminum honeycomb panels is customizable to meet the exact needs of your project TALK to an EXPERT

The secret inside the worlds best trade show displays is natural wood torsion box foam composite Endless application of Sing Sandwich Purchase Sing Sandwich panel from your local supplier and take it to your local millwork to custom build your furniture, Sing doors and all types of lightweight, high strength products

Current paper describes design, prototyping and experimental tests of wood based sandwich panels with plywood surfaces In the first case D core of the sandwich panel is formed by thermoplastic glass fibre polypropylene (GF PP) composite and bonded to plywood in one manufacturing step Other sandwich panel type

High Quality Sandwich Composite Panels Sandwich cores are available in a wide range of materials, including honeycomb, different types of foams, and lightweight woods, such as balsa Sandwich Panel Carbon Fiber Twill Skin (mm) Aluminum Honeycomb Core (mm) Matte Gloss x x mm.

COMPOCEL WP is a sandwich panel with a polypropylene honeycomb core and skins in plywood All our products are produced according to the needs of our customers, so it is the client who choose mechanical properties, type of wood, skin thickness, panel thickness, dimension, etc In shipbuilding sandwich panels

CoreLite produces high quality sandwich panels with different core materials and aluminum, carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood laminates or custom requirements.

The skins can be made of different types of composites and today several companies already use EconCore s technology to produce sandwich panels with WPC skins in a continuous process or apply GRP thermoset composite layers onto ThermHex honeycombs Panels made using glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics

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