deep x wide, gable vaulted roof with x columns supporting beams off patio bead board ceiling with () cedar wrapped columns.roor to be attached to back of house.

You ll also have to decide on a style Canvas covers, either fixed or retractable, will be cheapest, wood framing with either lattice tops or roof decking with shingles the most expensive You can probably put up canvas roofing for as little as , although you can also spend up to , or so A wood framed roof can cost

HomeAdvisor s Deck Cost Guide offers price information on decking projects, as reported by HomeAdvisor customers Learn about the cost of The cost of your deck is broken down into many small parts, and if you can plan ahead, your budget will be better cushioned for any unexpected costs Here are some of the cost

You don t want to overspend on an oversize deck that does not suit the scale of your home nor do you want to skimp on the size of the deck if you have a large home If you plan to sell your home shortly after the deck is complete, you might not want a deck that costs too much and that you will not get to enjoy for long.

Jan , The estimate received from the company building the deck will generally include all of the materials being used and figure in the installation costs If the deck does not have a roof over it already, one may need to be built for it in order to accommodate the screen Professionals will have to build the cover into

I built a large deck ( x ) last year that I now would like to add a roof to I m thinking about a gable roof with the gable right in the middle Does anyone have any advice or a web site that can give me some info on building this so that it doesn t become a big kite and fly off of my house I ve attached a

Installing a porch roof over an existing deck is usually not recommended unless the deck was originally designed to support a future porch Typical decks are designed to support psf (lbs per square foot) Porch decks require additional psf for roof loads for a total of psf As a result most decks have inadequate

Mar , Get free estimates from deck, patio and porch contractors in your city Get Local Build roof trusses and support beam system and tie into existing house (based on assumption that roof is gabled variety), lumber prices will vary as will the design used by the carpenters constructing the porch The project

Jun , When it comes to deck covers, you can either install an awning with screen or opt for full deck or patio enclosure (roof included) To no surprise Regarding the cost of materials, some deck contractors are able to get discounts on lumber and other building supplies because they buy in bulk This means

Jul , Choose your two favorite roofing types, and then ask your handyman to provide estimates for each, whether as part of the overall deck building estimate or as a separate job later You also can use one of several roofing cost calculators available online, but at the end of the day, you need to know how much

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