If you have a steep hill in your yard that erodes easily, here s a DIY tip that can help hold plants in place and reduce erosion Cut the legs off old panty hose.

A retaining wall is great for a hillside flower bed because it creates planting opportunities when you select construction materials that allow you to plant in nooks

Apr , Building raised beds can be simple if your are on flat land What happens if you have a slope where you need to put the beds Here is the

Nov , The dirt seems sandy it gives when you walk up the steep hill This is a large area, maybe feet x feet for now and then another x

Sep , Landscaping hill ideas for planting steep slopes and banks in Lancaster or Reading, PA If you live in a home that has large slopes and banks,

Aug , The Hills neighborhood of Port Ewen was created in the mid s by teach anyone approaching a rocky or simply steep slope and wanting to enhance Eventually, the Erenas let go of their original planting scheme (e.g

When a steep incline is difficult to reach for planting and working, lay a ladder against the hillside to provide a makeshift scaffolding to work from Secure the

Mar , An Illinois master gardener shares her tips for taming a difficult landscape.

If the soil on the hill is shallow, choose plants without deeply set roots Predicament The Mulch That s a Slippery Slope Hillside Planting For Erosion Control

Great success with planting a slope has to do with the types of plants you use Learn all about landscaping steep slopes, planting design and types for hillside

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