If repairing or reusing old wood isn t possible, here s a guide to buying new timber Find out if it s from endangered trees, or from a sustainable source.

However, the actual scientific name Diospyros ebonasea is, as of yet, completely unsubstantiated It s more than likely another known Diospyros species Nonetheless, despite the semantic quirks of the wood s common and scientific names, Malaysian Blackwood remains a remarkably beautiful hardwood with unique

Email office@ We are also pleased to inform you that we have published a directory on the timber trade in Malaysia where the list of exporters and suppliers of timber products that are registered with MTIB can be found The purchase on the directory can be made online via our website

The Lesser Known Timber Species (LKTS) theme has been approached from a variety of angles since the early The Guide to Lesser Known Tropical Timber Species, produced by WWF s Global Forest Trade Network termite resistance of lesser known tropical hardwoods from Malaysia, which have potential future.

At the same time, it makes timber identification a tricky business one has to learn to isolate those features that are characteristic of a certain timber, from others that many kinds of woods share Due to ignorance about the identity of timbers, usage of inferior and often unsuitable timber species such as Malaysian sal, pynkado

Identifying Wood The Truth Behind Wood Identification Wood Identification Guide Hardwood Anatomy Softwood Anatomy Common US Hardwoods Fluorescence A Secret Weapon in Wood Identification

The Malaysian Hardwood Guide is an introduction to the exciting world of Malaysian timber based products, whether made predominantly using Malaysian timbers, or in combination with other timber species from around the world, said Datuk Aaron Ago Dagang, Chairman of MTC The articles in this inaugural edition of

Some common sense questions to ask yourself when trying to identify a piece of wood Where did it come from Knowing as much as you can about the source of the woodeven the smallest detailscan be helpful If the wood came from a wood pile or a lumber mill where all the pieces were from trees processed locally,

Jul , of timber products Mission To ensure the sustainability of the Malaysian timber industry by improving its competitiveness, enhancing market access and Types of Timbers Heavy hardwood Balau Chengal Merbau Red balau Medium Hardwood Kasai Kelat Keledang Kempas.

Welcome to the exciting world of made in Malaysian timber products, whether made predominantly using Malaysian timbers, or in combination with other timber species from around the world From the humblest of beginnings during the last century when logs from the forests were pit sawn manually to produce planks and

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