Jul , MarineCorp JustTeak See How To Clean Protect and Finish your Boat s Teak Decking http manufacturers greencorp_marine_justt

Mar , In many cases modern teak decks are little more than a quick way for the manufacturer to up the class of their product Many are poorly fitted, the wood is too thin and the caulking gap too narrow Because of the minimal amount of wood involved the best plug on the deck might only be mm deep Likewise

How to repair and maintain a teak deck There are many schools of thought on the best shape of the groove cross section (width, depth, round, Vee, or rectangular) but here is my analysis Teak deck caulking This will remove the dirt and the bleached layer leaving a fresh teak finish yet do very little damage Be careful

Semco teak sealer provides waterproof protection for teak and other woods like fir, pine, cedar, and oak Easy to apply, cleans deep, and provides a non slippery surface.

Apr , Top Gear Teak Deck Sealer is a no mess, easy to apply sealer Teak decks will be protected from the elements and spills of all kinds The ingredients in the

For the natural beauty of the wood to show, you need to apply a clear coating The choices are oil, sealer, or varnish.

But unlike it s nondescript appearance in the forest, a flawless teak deck always ds oohs and aahs from guests, and owners preen in the reflected beauty of this exotic wood It is axiomatic that nothing .not the topsides finish or the varnish says more about an owner than the way he maintains his teak There are also

Do not clean the deck with two part liquids and do not coat your teak with fancy teak treatments that may attack the caulking Products that could be used are The most important issues with oiling are to first use a top quality teak oil containing tung oil and a variety of other wood oils Next, it is imperative to have the oil

Jul , Now that we re sailing the warmer waters of the Mediterranean and have nothing better to do, we set out to learn the best way to clean and maintain our teak decks That being said, we didn t learn the proper way of doing our teak until after we had one dud attempt Back in April, when we were in Malta my

Nov , Im currently stripping the teak decks on two foot superyacht tenders as they have been oiled and the oil is just a maintenance nightmare, it turns grey patchy in just a weeks heavy use and then the deck has to be stripped and refinished for a proper job Its only about a mm veneer so isnt going to last

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