fence only if they own livestock Adjoining landowners are not held responsible for any part of that fence unless they put livestock against it The law specifies a lawful fence and explains the right hand rule Why was a new fence law passed For many years, Missouri had four dif ferent fence laws in the state statutes result .

What these new provisions will (and won t) do Try to answer any Questions you may have Where Missouri is at right now Most of the state currently has the updated general law counties in the state (mostly in Northern Missouri) have the local option law Missouri s Other Fence Law Local option Law Counties.

Chapter of the Missouri Revised Statutes (RSMO to .), where the law is located, states that the livestock owner alone is legally responsible for building and maintaining a fence to enclose the livestock When adjoining landowners or their renters own livestock, each is responsible for his or her half of the

Any failure or refusal on the part of such officer to discharge the duties required of him by this section shall render him liable on his bond to any person damaged by such failure or refusal, which damages may be sued for and recovered in any court of competent jurisdiction States Fence Laws STATE OF MISSOURI

Jul , Missouri fence law is not the easiest part of the Missouri statutes In fact, according to Joe Koenen, state fence law specialist with the extension service, about the only statutes more complicated are those involving cemeteries One of the reasons Missouri fence law is complicated is the existence of two

Every railroad corporation formed or to be formed in this state, and every corporation to be formed under this chapter, or any railroad corporation running or operating any railroad in this state, shall erect and maintain lawful fences on the side of the road where the same passes through, along or adjoining enclosed or

Your neighbors don t want a fence and refuse to pay Can you force them to pay for a fence they don t want The answer is that it depends on where you live The state of Missouri has two distinct sets of fence law and which one applies depends on the county in which you live So if you re having a disagreement with your

Our fence sits in approximately inches We did not have the original owner of the house go in on the fence The neighbors that live there now keep piling their leaves up on the fence They have also put sod up on the fence plus rocks I have asked them not to place anything on the fence, they state that, that side is theirs

Missouri Boundary Fence Laws A boundary fence is a fence that is located on or near a property line, though the exact definition can vary by state Sometimes even a hedge can act as a boundary To learn more about boundary fences, including how they are defined, when a neighbor is allowed to build a boundary fence,

One of the reasons Missouri s fence law is so complicated is the history of our laws and what portions of each law remain today Missouri s first fence law was enacted in while Missouri was still within the Louisiana Territory (Missouri became a state in ) It required landowners to fence out the neighbors livestock

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