May , The main code provision for footings that applies to freestanding decks (R) calls for a minimum footing depth of inches below undisturbed ground If the grade slopes under the footprint of the deck, however, resulting in one edge that is greater than inches above grade, then that edge of the

In the calculation of depth of the principal building, the depth may be exceeded for uncovered decks extending not more than a combined total of m (ft.) Frost Depth minimum in to u s footing Roof slope (if applicable) SAMPLE PLANS ONLY To be used as a guide Not for application CONCRETE PAD.

Feb , The codes and sizing for footings and piers that we use when building our decks in California by Alter Eagle Decks IRC R IBC Minimum depth All exterior footings shall be placed at least inches below the undisturbed ground surface IRC R Slope The top surface of footings

Footing depth ______ Footing size ______ Column size ______ Size of beam(s) ______ Post spacing ______ Size of joists ______ Spacing of joists ______ Distance between deck and ground ______ Height of guardrail ______ inch minimum Size of openings in guardrail Distance between balusters

Apr , Here the author discusses excavating pitfalls and how to form and pour the concrete piers.] Footing holes can be a pain to dig After a couple of hours of blister raising, back breaking work have already been spent trying to dig down to frost depth through hard packed and dense soils, rocks, tree roots, and

The bottom of all footings for decks that are attached to a house are to be placed a minimum of inches below the surface of the finished grade and must bear on firm, undisturbed native soil The bottom of footings for free standing decks may be at any depth on undisturbed native soil Footings adjacent to the top of a

Footings shall be designed and constructed to below frost depth ( minimum Ground cover required from bottom of footing to grade or side slope) Approved wood of natural resistance to decay or treated wood (min penetration) may be used Other man made products shall be listed and have an listed and

Mar , City of San Diego Information Bulletin March V ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS The following are minimum construction specifi cations for decks A The concrete mix for footings must meet a compressive strength of f c= , psi mini mum B Lumber must be Douglas fir larch No or better.

May , Building codes cover most of the basics about footing size, frost depth, and the bearing capacity of soil and concrete Codes don t, however, tell how to dig a proper footing hole A good hole is smooth, straight, and flat bottomed includes a footing form and avoids the pitfalls below.

It s not a bad rule of thumb to simply increase the depth of the footing one foot for every unit horizontal steeper the slope gets Between and slopes, a minimum of two feet deep, and between and no less than feet deep For slopes steeper than degrees consulting an engineer may be the best choice.

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