Dec , I wanted to finish the wood of the ceiling to protect it from moisture and yellowing and so before sealing it, I wanted to add some color with some creative on doing young and groove for my soffit question when it comes to the edges of the tongue and groove does it bend or wrap a little over time should

The first phase of a front porch restoration is to complete construction of the porch floor, including support and decking experts show Start to Finish Days If you use tongue and groove porch decking, ensure that all sides are primed before you install (Image ) in order to prevent moisture damage.

Jun , The idea is to treat the porch like a deck with gaps between boards, but use inch thick lumber that s more finished looking than larger lumber Sure, you could If you want a covered porch with tongue and groove flooring and you want it to last consider these tips from the Southern Pine Council.

Dec , Add character and pizazz to your porch with a V Groove pine ceiling If the porch framing is covered with painted plywood, it can be left in place While it may seem easier to finish them in place, remember that you will be working upside down and it will be hard to get a consistent finish in the grooves.

Mar , My husband and I are renovating a year old house, and part of the finished product is a wraparound porch and deep porch section for an outdoor living room In all, we are looking at over square feet of covered porch space We plan to go with a tongue groove douglas fir porch floor, but have

Finishing a porch is the process of decorating the interior and exterior shell for the purposes of appearance The most basic element is how to cover the ceiling and house wall Installing tongue and groove cedar bead board is a popular look but can be expensive especially on a large porch Railings are usually required on

Gussy up your porch in time for outdoor entertaining Most porch ceilings are covered, at the least, with plywoodwhich is the perfect substrate for a high grade finish like beadboard However, if for This will keep the nail from pulling out and from blocking the tongue when you fit the groove of the next board over it.

As I will be getting a mill within the next month I am starting to collect logs so I can get right to cutting One of my first projects will be to replace the tongue and groove flooring on my front porch The pine flooring has been in place for less than four years and is already starting to rot The porch is covered and

Jul , People ask me all the time if our tongue and groove planking is suitable for porch ceiling applications The answer is a resounding YES! Ever since people have been building porches, they have been finishing off the ceilings with wood Wide planks, narrow planks, natural colored planks, stained planks,

Q I need to replace some rotten tongue and groove porch floorboards that were installed only a few years ago What can I do to I blind nail the floor boards into the joists by driving d galvanized finish nails at a degree angle starting at the back of the tongue to prevent the tongue from splitting I pre drill every nail hole.

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