Aug , If you are going to use pine boards as flooring, you will want to get them from your local lumber yard They have the best pine boards ever, that are really better than the big box stores best wood I had our lumber yard order them special for us because we needed such a large quantity AND we wanted

To avoid all that sanding and painting, white wood flooring can also be achieved by installing brand new engineered hardwood floors that have been White floor paint or glossy epoxy screed can be applied to concrete near white concrete can be mixed using white sand and Portland cement and of course there are also

Take Your Pick While the many varieties of hardwoods spoil homeowners with choice, softwoods encompass a category unto themselves Pine is probably the softwood most frequently used in flooring, but it s not the only one Fir, cypress, cedar, spruce, and hemlock are other commonly available softwoods, and you will

The first step in the process is choosing what wood style you want to use pine flooring, domestic hardwood flooring (including distressed) or reclaimed flooring The best way to do this is to consider the pro s, con s, and aesthetics of each wood style and how they relate to your personal preferences and lifestyle.

If you can get the white board materials into the loft there there should be no reason that would prevent you from using them as a flooring material over your joists Especially if all you are going to place on them are fairly light weight storage boxes and other sundry items The relatively narrow boards may

May , If you want low cost wood that s easy to maintain, and can take on many different characteristics and personality uniquely its own, there may be a softwood perfect for your situation For example, choosing a pine floor instead of oak can provide you with a beautiful flooring that is far less expensive, and can

Nov , You could use any type of lumber you like for this project, but I really liked the idea of wider plank pine boards that would look a little more like they re original to the house and might even get a little more dinged up with use I didn t want that super shiny brand new floor look, because that just wouldn t make

Mar , One of the spaces is big and open and all white, with gorgeous, gappy wide plank white wood floors I loved going to parties at Gary s I had the thought that cutting down and using plywood as the planks could achieve a similar, and even more rustic (in a good way) look So I headed to the lumber section

It can t quite transport you to the Old South, but a pine floor will transform your rooms with its soft patina and rich glow It has two other You can buy heart pine flooring in a variety of widths and grades Stain it or Use the nail lines to find the location of the floor framing (joists) and mark the walls for reference Undercut any

But, in the end, we chose something that s not even truly flooring We figured that since we use × yellow pine for everything else, floors made sense, too! We bought ft planks for about each, which equaled about out to about cents a sq ft, once you add in all the stain and paint It does not, however, factor in

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