Mar , In other words, it s a good idea for a captain to know how many passengers he s planning to have on board before deciding on a size Most boats have a capacity plate Check it to verify a boat s passenger capacity Do not exceed it Important Things to Look for in a Pontoon Boat capacity A capacity plate

Jan , And do you know how much weight your pontoon can handle Exceeding your pontoon s weight capacity can increase your chances of swamping the deck with water orunlikely, but still possible for pontoonseven capsizing Just as loading down a truck bed or pontoon boat trailer would make it difficult

Jun , As stable as they are, like all watercraft pontoon boats are subject to the laws of weight and balance SEAMANSHIP BALANCING WEIGHT ON BOARD It was over as quickly as it had begun as the load of startled guests shifted aft and the boat leveled out, the deck awash with plastic cups and paper

Jun , Above board, many of your precious equipment will attached directly to the pontoon boat decking Some likely components And with better pontoon logs being designed each year, pontoon boats are stronger, more resilient and have more horsepower capability than ever before Stronger logs = stronger

bolted to the frame members of your pontoon boat, the complete system adds only lbs of weight and has a load capacity of lbs Maximum lift height is typically from the bottom of the legs to the underside of the boat deck or to the bottom of the pontoons WAY LEG LEVELING AND PIVOTING FEET.

board always has plenty of space and loads of comfort Why choose a Princecraft Because you ll never regret it Less maintenance than fiberglass boats The toughest marine grade aluminum alloy available ( H) provides better load capacity Multiple airtight chambers make our pontoons virtually unsinkable.

Summer in a pontoon boat just might be the most relaxing way to spend a day on the water! Since pontoon boats offer more space and more carrying capacity than any other boating segment, the whole family your friends Does your pontoon boat have a good quality ladder Is there room to jump off, i.e decking at the.

While there are many variables involved in determining which overall size of pontoon to purchase, the pontoons max capacity may be the largest factor to consider o Wood decking, the most commonly used material today, is easy to install, and with the introduction and technology improvements of marine grade pressure

A boat operator should never take a boat on the water with too many people or too much gear on board Boats loaded beyond their capacity will swamp or capsize more easily and will be more difficult to control Look for a capacity plate near the operator s position or on the transom of the boat This plate indicates the

H POWERING AND LOAD CAPACITY OF PONTOON BOATS Maximum weight capacity The maximum load in pounds Persons Capacity Pontoon boats with more than one deck level or with a deck width within railings defining the passenger carrying area that overhangs the pontoon shall use the.

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