One mistake that hunters make when they build high fences is not developing a management plan for the deer inside their fences before the fences are erected If you are considering fencing a piece of property, meet with a wildlife consultant first Prior to constructing the fence, get the consultant to tell you what type of deer

Nov , November th, hunting my acre low fence place I drove out the north border which is on a acre high fence These two bucks were right off t

Most landowners will cite increased control, management over the deer herd as their primary reason for putting a high fence around a property But, I can assure you that there have been many high fences built ONLY because of trigger happy neighbors. It s only after the fence is complete that many landowners find

Mar , In fact, more deer injuries happen each year with foot tall fences than any other height for two reasons First, because a deer can jump this high, it will try but usually not until it is in a desperate situation such as hunger or fear Additionally the hungry deer may not be as strong, and we all know scared deer

Feb , The construction of high fences is definitely on the increase in Texas Although high fences are common place today, the history behind the high fence invasion is not well documented I was able to piece together a short history of high fencing in Texas after talking with several deer biologists and well

Jul , A total of states have some laws to limit high fence shooting operations, and most have enacted bans on importing domestic deer and elk in the wake of CWD problems on game farms in various states But the high fence industry continues to expand, driven by a market for hunting experiences

Oct , Apart from a few deer breeders who were critical of the post, it seemed like most readers shared my concern It was my most widely read post so far on and it really got some folks fired up Interestingly, the post spurred a conversation on high fence hunting (apart from genetic manipulation)

An adult white tail deer can really jump In fact, the average white tail can jump over an obstacle that is not , , or feet high but or more feet high taller than virtually any barrier deer fence In fact, to the astonishment of deer control experts, the U.S Department of Agriculture rates white tail deer as being able to jump

Oct , Keith Warren and Dick Cain discuss how High Fence Hunting relates to Pasture Deer and Deer Farming in general http Deer Wildl

Mar , Landowners that have them claim that they are critical for white tailed deer management Those that don t either dislike them or simply can not afford them Some people, hunters included, hate them Hard working men make a living building them They are high fences, often referred to as game fences.

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