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The Murder of Room 636

(A Haunting Truth)


Her life was taken by a cold blooded killer. Her body was never found. The commits suicide before facing justice. More than 4 decades after his death, he continues to manifest. Room 636 of the Gunter Hotel (1965) is now his domain, where he's in charge, a hotel room where you are NOT welcome, a room where he lets his presence be known. Many say ghost are harmless and non violent, but Walter A. Emerick doesn't fit the profile...

This book is based on a vicious murder, butchering and dissapearance of a woman occurred in roon 636 of the Gunter Hotel on February 8, 1965 and events that followed in room 536 of the St. Anthony Hotel on February 9-10, 1965 in San Antonio, Texas. The book is based on true events and is supported by actual police reports, crime scene photopgraphs, newspaper articles, military and state documents. The content of this book also reflects an eight-year investigation conducted by the author in 2003-2011 in attempts to discover and unearth documentation never released to the public.


Details: Book contains 332�pages B&W, weighs 2lbs., book size 8.5 x 11 (letter size), front/back covers in color, strong language, graphic images and autographed (upon request only).


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