Print a Copy/Make Payment

Memberships for those with a keen interest in conducting research, studying, and documenting paranormal phenomena (existance of ghosts and related fields) are available with San Antonio Paranormal Investigations. Interested parties are welcome to print our PDF Membership Form and submit during one of our meetings (Next Monthly Meeting). Or if you prefer, you are welcome to start your process and pay your Membership fee using our Paypal button located under our logo.

There is a $25.00 Membership fee (for one year). Membership with San Anotnio Paranormal Investigations includes that you participate in the following:

  • Public Investigations
  • Private Investigations (Requires Approval)
  • Field Trips
  • Experiments
  • Public Events
  • Special Projects
  • Monthly/Special Meetings

If you have additional questions, concerns, etc. about SAPI, please contact the following Member:

Guillermo Fuentes - Director SAPI -