Coffee Night w/Ghosts and Spooks

Our Coffee Night w/Ghosts and Spooks will take place at Starbucks Coffee Shop located in San Antonio. Members of SAPI are welcome to bring family and friends.

These gatherings are helpful in many ways as members of SAPI are encouraged to engage in discussions of the paranormal, bring ghost books for new ideas, talk about personal experiences, talk about hsitorical ghost events, talk about paranormal conventions, TV shows, movies, magazines, new equipment, etc. All members are invited to attend and are welcome to bring family. More information will be listed as we get closer to a date and time.

Location: Intersection of West Hausman and North Loop 1604

Date & Time: July 22, 2017 / 7:00 PM

Access: SAPI Members and Family




SAPI Monthly Meeting

Location: John Igo Public Library 13330 Kyle Pkwy, San Antonio, Texas 78249

Topic / Subject / Discussion: Ghost Phenomena (destructive behaviour)

Dates & Time: To Be Determined

Objective: San Anotnio Paranormal Investigations will conduct a presentation and an open discussion with regards to dangerous encounters with ghosts, spirits and related phenomena. This presentation is intented to educate members of SAPI and the general public about different types of manifestations during on-site investigations. SAPI will present video, audio and photographic material of various cases investigated in the San Antonio area with violent encounters.

Event Fees: Donations are welcome to cover for rental fees

Access: SAPI Members and the general public.




Private Meeting: SAPI 105

Topic/Subject/ Discussion: Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)

Date & Time: To Be Determined

Location: Via Internet

Hosted by: Nanette Patton via Teleconference

Instructions: An E-mail will be sent to SAPI Members with specific instructions on how to connect for a video/audio teleconference. If you have any questions with regards to connectivity and/or access to the teleconference, please constact Nanette Paton via E-mail.

NOTE: Meeting is for SAPI Members only.