The Murder of Room 636 (A Haunting Truth)

The writing of this book reflects an eight year investigation regarding the vicious murder, butchering and disappearance of a woman in room 636 of the Gunter Hotel committed on a cold rainy day on February 8, 1965 in the heart of downtown San Antonio. This book contains exclusive crime scene images of room 636 of the Gunter Hotel and room 536 of the St. Anthony Hotel, police reports, state documents, photographic material regarding physical evidence, mugshots, etc. This book is graphic with strong language.

The story depicted in this literary work is based on true events 1965-2012 and covers the true incident of room 636, decades before the legends of paranormal phenomena were born.

Author: Guillermo Fuentes

Released: February 8, 2012

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Lessons Learned: The Anneliese Michel Exorcism

The Implementation of a Safe and Thorough Examination, Determination, and Exorcism of Demonic Possession
By: Fr. John M. Duffey

In 1976, a twenty-three year old German girl, named Annaliese Michel, died following months of exorcism sessions. Despite the fact that she had been medically diagnosed with epilepsy and manic depressive psychosis, two priests conducted numerous exorcism sessions and ignored her mental, medical, and physical condition. Doctors would later state that her cause of death was starvation and dehydration. Unfortunately, Ms. Michel's tragic death due to misdiagnosed demonic possession and negligently applied exorcism was neither the first nor the last of such negligence to occur.

Complete familiarity with the spiritual elements of demonical possession and attack is the sole focus of most demonologists, exorcists, and clerical members of Christianity. Few clerics have a sufficient understanding of psychiatric conditions that may mimic the symptoms of demonic possession. The result has been catastrophic for many innocent people over the centuries. The overlooking or ignoring of a person's medical and psychiatric condition is the primary culprit behind misdiagnosed possession and botched exorcisms resulting in death or serious bodily injury.

Father John Duffey, a New American Catholic priest, exposes the truth behind the young girl's death and renders a standardized approach to properly investigating suspected demoniacal possession, determining the existence of possession, and in the safe execution of exorcism/deliverance acceptable to virtually all denominations of the Christian faith. This book brings psychology, medicine, faith, legality, and safety together for the first time in order to enhance evaluation accuracy, demonic expulsion, wellbeing for the afflicted, and safety for all involved parties.

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Doors To Other Worlds


Raymond Buckland has been interested in occult and metaphysical subjects for fifty years; has been actively involved in various aspects of the subject for forty years; and has writing about it for nearly thirty. He is the author of more than twenty-five books, including such best-selling titles as Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft, Gypsy Dream Dictionary, Practical Candleburning Rituals, and Witchcraft from the Inside. Ray has lectured and presented workshops across the United States, and has appeared on major television and radio shows nationally and internationally. He has also written screen plays, been a technical advisor for films, and appeared in films and videos. Ray comes from an English Romany(Gypsy) family and presently resides, with his wife Tara, on a small farm in central Ohio. Beyond writing, Ray's other passion is homebuilt airplanes.


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An incredible guide to after life communication


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Reunions (Visionary Encounters with Departed Loved Ones)


Moody ( Life After Life , Mockingbird Bks., 1981) continues his pioneering studies on death and the afterlife in this fascinating book, making a cogent and persuasive argument for the ability to contact the deceased. Moody describes his experiments with the ancient technique of mirror gazing to induce visions of the dead. Many of the 300 subjects with whom he has experimented had surprisingly real encounters with deceased friends and loved ones while using this technique. Moody seeks to elevate the use of mirror gazing to a respectable level and demonstrates its potential as a therapeutic tool to heal grief and promote self-discovery. He challenges the mind-set of traditional psychologists and doctors and shows the need for open-mindedness in studying the realms of consciousness. This well-written book is likely to be controversial but is sure to be popular in public libraries.


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An amazing journey to contact our lost loved ones. Dr. Moody takes the reader to a new level of belief, a level where our state of consciousness can see and learn so much. Truly inspirational.


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After Death Communication

Louis LaGrand makes great strides toward removing the shroud of mystery from a subject with which everyone should be acquainted. Although a self-described skeptic, LaGrand has come to a conclusion in favor of the reality of after-death communication, and stresses its benefits for those in grief, those attempting to comfort the grieving, and those who simply want a better understanding of their mortality and what waits for them beyond death. LaGrand's research is impeccable, and his method of presentation is professional while remaining accessible.

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In a moving and compassionate work, a pioneer in after-death communication research guides readers through one of the most empowering of human experiences. After Death Communications is an untapped source of support for the bereaved and those who attempt to give comfort in time of need.

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Psychic (Hans Holzer)


Psychic. The word itself has an eerie aura, conjuring up images of fortunetellers and mystics with superhuman mental powers. Psychic phenomena and experiences have been documented for centuries. Yet, while most of us are intrigued by the possibilities, as down-to-earth mortals, we're also skeptical. The renowned parapsychologist, Hans Holzer, shares a startling revelation: The psychic is a perfectly natural part of life-in this world and beyond. In this fascinating book, he provides the evidence to make you a true believer. And he offers practical tools to help you tap your own psychic potential.


Based on scientific investigations and filled with gripping accounts from ordinary people, "Psychic" unfolds amazing and convincing real-life stories of encounters with the psychic dimension. Traveling back in time and around the globe, you'll discover the wonders of ESP, telepathy, "psychokinesis" and "teleportation," the uncanny communication between twins, and the force of love to speak beyond the grave. You'll delve into psychic dreams, near-death and out-of-body experiences, and the gift of psychic healing. You'll meet famous mediums and prophets (and get to assess the accuracy of their predictions). You'll even see genuine ghosts, captured in haunting, authenticated photographs.


Leaving nothing uncovered, "Psychic" clearly explains the natural principles behind things mysterious, plus the tools of the trade: ouija boards, tarot cards, and crystal balls. And if you're eager to unleash your own psychic powers, this book offers plenty of effective and fun exercises. You'll find your own "sixth" sense (yes, everyone has one!). And you'll connect with the world in ways you never dreamed possible.


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Throughout history, people have reported seeing ghosts. But if we compare a Victorian apparition with a medieval European or Classical Greek ghost, we will find that they are a very different phenomena. In Ghosts: Appearances Of The Dead & Cultural Transformation, R. C. Finucane makes just such a comparison. Surveying reports of ghosts from ancient Greece, the early Christian era, the Reformation, the Victorian age, and the twentieth century, Finucance asks some probing questions: How have the physical aspects claimed for ghosts varied from age to age? What differences are there in the functions and intentions ascribed to ghosts? How have the changes in more general beliefs (particularly in religion and science) influenced the perception of ghosts? For the first time, a professional historian, drawing on primary sources from all periods and cultures, addresses this topic in its full breadth. -- Midwest Book Review

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Throughout history, people have reported seeing 'ghosts'. But a Victorian ghost is in many respects a very different phenomenon from a ghost in Classical Greece, or in medieval Europe. Finucane surveys reports of ghosts from ancient Greece, the early Christian era, the Reformation, the Victorian age, and through the twentieth century. He asks such questions as: How have the physical aspects claimed for ghosts varied from age to age? What differences are there in the functions and intentions ascribed to ghosts? How have the changes in more general beliefs in religion and science, in particular influenced the perception of ghosts?Drawing on primary sources from all periods and cultures, Finucane addresses this topic in its full breadth.


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Best Tales of Texas Ghosts

About the Author


Docia Williams frequently does speaking dates for meetings and conventions on a wide variety of subjects; history of Texas and San Antonio, ranching history, and "ghosts" and hauntings. Docia has written 7 books on these subjects. Best Tales of Texas Ghosts can�give you the opportunity to�learn the history of San Antonio and nearby cities, as well as what goes during night hours.

  • Gunter Hotel - Room 636
  • St. Anthony Hotel
  • Urban Legends
  • Menger Hotel, etc.


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Contact the Other Side

Engage in Seven powerful methods for speaking with the dead * From the author of Vampires: The Occult Truth, and Summoning Spirits * Contact deceased loved ones and other souls - speak with them, they're walting * Catch eluslve electronic voice phenomena on tape, and open up your telephone or computer to spirit voices * Speak with the dead using your mind alone, or draw in a soul close and communicate with it through a scrying tool * Involve others in afterlife communication through seances Whether you've been frustrated in the past by afterlife books that cite case studies but no usable methods, or are just now entering the world of paranormal communication, your search for proof is over. Contact The Other Side will guide you to the most awe-inspiring experiences you'll ever have while still alive.

About the Author

Konstantinos is a writer and editor, and lectures on occult topics.

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