To request assistance and/or help, please consult the available channels listed below. If you or someone that you know needs help with a situation/case, or would like a second opinion as to what is taking place in your home, business or otherwise, or help on how to deal and understand the infestation and/or the spontaneous presence of unexplained phenomena (related to the existence of life after-death), or would like to have an open discussion related to the field of paranormal research, please contact us through the following channels. Please keep in mind that San Antonio Paranormal Investigations "DOES NOT" charge for any services that you may request, and all information is kept confidential - under SAPI Policy - "A Client's Right to Privay."


NOTE: San Antonio Paranormal Investigations DOES NOT offer/conduct cleansings for homes/businesses, removal of spirits and/or personal cleansings. SAPI can only help with the understanding of the phenomena manifesting in your home/business, provide a second opinion and investigate the history of your home/business to better undestand what is being exprienced in present day.



For assistance concerning the presence of unexplained phenomena/events in your home, business, or otherwise, please use the following channels to reach our Case Managers.


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